Bikes Matter - About Us

My Expperience

Transport Radioactive Material

Exclusively Iridium 192 & Cobalt 60 from and to California, Arizona, & Nevada.

Logistics Manager for L.A. Marketing out of southern California.

What the duties of this position was Transport 3 complete selling booths and stock to fairs and home shows in the western united states, once on site, set up booths for the shows, managing 7 people on road. Design booths for shows, accountable to owner to make sure all transport had no problems. Once a show was over, pack up and transport to next show which kept us busy for 6 months every year, year in &year out.

Shipping coordinator for Genstar aka Chemstar aka Chemical Lime aka Lhoist North America

This position was to run night time operations of finished product for bagged & Bulk type S Lime. Not only did I secure the loads for truck and railroad but unload, go to California or Arizona to transport and pick up machinery needed for Henderson Nevada operations.

After years upon years doing that, board and went to Hydrator operation in producing type S lime. This job only challenge was quality control to make the product as best we could to have a finished product. In a short description, taking 14 tons an hour of Dolo Lime, run it threw my pump, adding about 48 gallons a minute of water, and then at that point get the product Slurry &Pump before the chemical reaction caused an explosion.

30+ Years riding and transporting motorcycles along with the experience, no tickets/accident what so ever on my record

Over all these years I road Motorcycle's of my own, transported my bike in truck and trailer, my friends' bike, and any biker I came across that was having problems on the road, in 30+ years the only thing I ever lost on the road was one item, and that was my wife's hat. (I hated that hat)

Why Bikes Matter LLC. ?

Because of the experience I have got in transport, All I want to do is run this service for the biker community and be the best glass artist I can be when I am not transporting your bike. The AMERIDECK system that I have on my truck has proven itself so well that AAA prefers to use Amerideck for any down motorcycle.

The reason I left Lhoist North America

I valve malfunction when the pump started to plug the valve would not engage, causing an explosion 8inches from my head. This incident caused PTSD to myself and with that the death of my one friend & two other employees (all separate incidents but all 4 incidents where in the same job) and with no faith with lack of management from a Belgium Based conglomerate that bought this U.S. company.

So, I just decided to leave and now work for myself towing motorcycles and lampworking/blowing glass.

I am not going to attempt to redefine motorcycle towing in the world, but I am using state of the art equipment made from Amerideck, a U.S. made piece of equipment just for motorcycle transport.

I don't want to take over market in Las Vegas. It would be rude of me to try to deny business to others.

All I am saying is trust your bike to someone that rides, because I am just like you I rider that love the wind, and open road.

This is how Bikes Matter LLC. came into being.